Colleges Closed, What’s Next?

With COVID-19 spreading instantly, many colleges stopped giving classes, and some shifted to online systems. It’s not a normal part of our lives, but no matter what we have to keep doing things essential in our lives like enrolling in an online course, reading a book, etc…or even checking up with friends, helping people who are in needs, just to say life goes on.

For instance, when mine stopped recently, I went back to check online courses that I lastly enrolled to. However, I do understand that there may be students who are not used to follow online courses, and that’s okay by now. If you have made it to read this article, then you can try that too!!

I have combined list of online sites that can help you to learn your favourite skills until your university resume the classes or anytime. Since some are among the best learning website in to days world, they are paid but they also have free courses that are still outstanding. Others are fully free.

  1. Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. Udacity
  4. MIT OpenCourseWare
  5. Stanford Online
  6. Edx
  7. Khan Academy
  8. Skillshare
  9. Youtube

I will not go into details of what makes each different, but we can make a bit classification. Websites like Coursera and Edx cooperate with universities and big companies like Google, IBM, Intel, Facebook…etc, so you can trust you’re getting the most relevant skills. Similarly, MIT OpenCourseWare and Stanford Online are free and university based, you can trust you’re getting top notch skills from their professors.

Khan Academy is completely free, and it has organized studying course materials.

Recently, I loved taking free intro courses from Udacity because they are very interesting, have small quizzes, and they are straight forward. An Example is the Introduction to Python Programming.

One more important thing to highlight is that even if these are paid, some courses have a financial aid which you have a chance to get when you try.

There are many teaching sites beyond those, and as you try few, you will get more. Don’t worry, ads will keep you updated about this 😉

This is my first article on @Medium. I am interested in writing more about skills that I am currently learning but just wanted to share this to my fellow mates who may be interested in building multiple minds in this unplanned break.

I hope you try to do anything worth your time!

Thank you for reading. I hope you try at least one of these websites or anything else worth your time.

Lastly but not the last, if you are not sure of what to learn, check what many enthusiasts consider as most in-demand skills of 2020 on my second post.

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